15 Reasons Why I Love My Husband.


1. He never lets the sun set on his wrath. He deals with every issue immediately. We forgive each other before going to sleep.

2. He lets me be me. He quit trying to change me a long time ago. Now he just lets the Lord do that. :)

3. He gives me down time. He understands that underneath my great social skills, I am an introvert who requires privacy and solitude.

4. He's respectful. He treats me (and everyone else) with dignity. He never swears. Ever. I've never once heard him use profanity. You have no idea how much I admire that about him.

5. He's not intimidated by my success. In fact, he wants me to succeed. He supports my passion and applauds my achievements.

6. He's a hard-worker. He never complains about his job.

7. He believes the best about people. He never jumps to conclusions, he gives people a second (third, fourth, fifth) chance, he forgives quickly, he actively refrains from "reading into" other people's motives and encourages me to do the same. "You never know what kind of day they had," he often says.

8. He's a good listener. He knows the right questions to ask and tries to understand every person he meets.

9. He reads his Bible and prays every day. He knows his Bible well, but he keeps it to himself. Which is to say, he thinks arguments over doctrinal differences are a waste of time and a grief to Christ's heart.

10. He's generous. He wears his clothes and shoes until they literally fall apart. He takes pleasure in caring for the needs of others.

11. He's quiet. He doesn't use words to express his love. He loves me with his actions.

12. He's not vain. He doesn't try to impress people with shallow things like money, status or success.

13. He's loyal and trustworthy. He knows all my secrets and he holds them confidentially.

14. He doesn't look at other women. When we are in public, he looks away when an immodestly dressed woman passes by. He never flirts. He doesn't even chat with other women. He truly only has eyes for me. Do you know how treasured this makes me feel?

15. He loves our children and puts their needs above his own. He gets up with them at night. He is patient with them. He loves to give them good gifts. He laughs at their jokes.

I just want him to know how much I love him!

Why do you love your husband or wife? I would love to read your list. Feel free to share here or blog your list and put a link to your post in this comment box! Let's share the love!!

  • http://www.conversiondiary.com Jennifer (Conversion Diary)

    How blessed you are to have such a great husband! It’s so common for women to complain about their husbands these days, this was a really refreshing post.

  • http://www.usborneconnection.com Tressa

    How do I love thee, let me count thy ways…
    1)Calling me beautiful, and meaning it,after a sleepless night with sick kids.
    2)Surprising me with dinner out and taking the kids to the sitter
    3)Cleaning poo out of the tub and not complaining.
    4)Cleaning brown foot prints out of the carpet and not complaining.
    5)Changing the babies diaper, at 3AM, giving me time to get ready to nurse, even tho he had to be to work at 7AM.
    6)Praying with our children.
    7)Gently, lovingly reminding me when I need to take a break and making it possible
    8)supporting my passions.

  • Cathy

    Thanks, E, for the opportunity. You know what my husband was doing as I wrote that sentence? He was bringing me a warm plate of food, which points out one of his most virtuous traits…

    1. He is a servant. He would/will do anything for our kids and/or me. As I’ve written on another blog, hour-long massages are the norm. I LOVE massages, and he gives the best.

    2. He is balanced. He helps me stay reasonable and level-headed.

    3. He is extremely bright. He can write like no one else that I know. He has a degree in English, with a supplemental in Chemistry, which enables him to teach AP and Honors high school Chemistry. His intelligence turns me on, prompting me to say, on more than occasion, “Honey, I love to watch you think.”

    4. He is conscientious. As a teacher, he is asked to draw up letters of reference for his students’ college and/or internship applications. I don’t know of any teacher who writes as many as he does each school year. This year, he will set a record–around 150–all done at home, on his own time. One student asked him to write 25 letters for 25 college applications. Not only does Gene take them seriously, he has spent many a late night writing them. After he writes them, he takes them PERSONALLY to the post office. When I remind him that the letter won’t go anywhere at 11 PM, he takes them, anyway, regardless of the time.

    5. He is Godly. We praise God, and pray together regularly. I know that he prays for the kids and me throughout the day since He knows that God is the ONLY One who can change things, and he frequently asks me to pray for him. I know that all I have to do is to mention a friend who is undergoing a hard time, and he will pray.

    6. He is gracious and forgiving. When two AP students cheated on a test, he asked me to pray for wisdom before he left for school that morning. He talked to the guys, warned them that if it happened again, he would turn it over to the VP, and told them that they would get a “0″ on the test. HOWEVER, since he drops the worst grade, their grade wouldn’t be affected–unless it happened again. He handled it with grace and mercy. One of the students wrote him a follow-up email to apologize again.

    7. He works hard. He always has some project going, and long ago, I gave up trying to keep up with him. He can make a person feel lazy! He has to work during the summer if we want to eat (we don’t get paid for one month of the summer), and he does what it takes to make ends meet.

    8. He likes our cat, Victor, who is a temperamental beast, in my view. When he hops up on Gene’s lap, he will take the time to pet him and talk to him.

    9. He has a dry sense of humor, and I constantly laugh at his quirkiness. I don’t laugh easily, but his sardonic wit keeps me laughing.

    10. He is low maintenance. He is insistent on long-sleeved shirts for school days along w/Dockers pants, but if he doesn’t like a shirt that I’ve ironed for him, he’ll quietly get out the ironing board and iron. That drives me crazy, and when I “catch” him, I wrest the iron from him, but he isn’t phased. He just made homemade brownies (no mix for us!), and I can smell them baking as I write. He also cooks. Often, he’ll cook on the weekend. I reciprocate by running errands that he dislikes, or making phone calls about things that need attention. Those are the kinds of things that he doesn’t enjoy doing, so we balance each other out. He calls me his “sexcretary,” and I’m only too happy to fulfill the job description.

    After decades of marriage (and nearly raising ten kids), I love him more deeply than I did when we married. He is my best friend, and we have lots of fun together. I praise God for giving him to me, and for the husband and dad that he has become. I see Jesus in his life as he continues to pursue God with all of his heart. Every day with him is an adventure. Sure, we struggle financially, but I’m rich–regardless of what our checkbook says.

    I could go on and on, but this is your blog, so I’ll stop. Thanks again for the chance to extol the virtues of a good man, my darling husband, Gene.


  • http://www.morningstarr.typepad.com Dina

    I’m in! My list is over on my blog.

    I also wanted to congratulate our men on #14. I remember having two really close guy friends just before meeting Josh. While at lunch together, one friend couldn’t keep himself from flirting ferociously with our waitress nor his eyes off her assets. The other friend would suggest competition to see which one of us could attract the most opposite-sex attention. Both showed me how much I didn’t want a man easily distracted by women nor one so consumed with his own self image.

    Great idea on sharing the love!

  • http://www.sixblessings.blogspot.com Carmen

    Wow! What you love about your husband is about the same as what I love about mine! We’ve got some great men! Thank the Lord!!

  • http://www.glass-and-stones.blogspot.com sarah

    what a wonderful idea! i’ve been needing to do this!

    15 things i love about my husband

    1. he reminds me all the time that he has promised to love me unconditionally– through his words and actions. there’s nothing like having the closest person to you (especially when you’re at your worst) remind you that they love you.

    2. he smiles a lot. he laughs a lot. when i first met him i thought his joy was insincere. now i know for a fact it’s real and grounded in the Lord.

    3. he seeks God’s truth. he asks the hard questions and isn’t by any means offended when i do the same. we can wrestle about theology and learn from each other and come to conclusions based on the Word of God. he doesn’t lean on his feelings.

    4. he compliments me every day. and he means it. from my appearance to my cooking. He is so encouraging.

    5. he is there when i am struggling. he lets me cry on his shoulder and listens. he lets me pour out about the difficulties and things i’m struggling with but always reminds me of what is true. he never allows me to become self absorbed in my sorrow, but always points me toward the Lord, even if at the moment it might offend me.

    6. he prays with me every morning and every night.

    7. he has remained faithful through the fire and taught me what Christ-like forgiveness really means.

    8. he says “thank you” all the time. he is one of the most thankful people i know.

    9. he pushes me toward Christ. like no other person in my entire life he challenges and encourages me. he makes me want to be more like Jesus.

    10. he is so gifted. it’s not the most important thing, God didn’t have to put it there, but we can talk about art music and film. it’s wonderful. he has such good taste. he’s an amazing artist and musician. he’s organized and responsible…i take it all for granted.

    11. he has a heart for the lost. he loves and cares about people. he is so much better than i am at asking questions and meeting people where they are. i have so much to learn from him.

    12. he’s a hard worker. not only at his job but in our home. the areas where i struggle to keep up he pulls up the slack without complaining. he does the same thing when we go over to my parents house. always willing to make meals, do dishes and love my family.

    13. when i struggle to get things done and become overwhelmed he sits down with me and writes out lists to accomplish my tasks and goals. in so many other areas he never makes me feel silly or stupid for being weak, but encourages me and asks how he can help me.

    14. he is always growing. it is wonderful to see that he is a more mature man than he was even a year ago. his growth in the Lord is encouraging and convicting to me.

    15. i see Christ in him.

    i could keep going but i’ll leave it at 15 as well.
    i really appreciate your blog, elizabeth!

    have a lovely day!

  • Cathy

    Like Carmen, I was encouraged as I read the other comments. I loved reading about the other husbands, and about their attributes. It is so uplifting to know that God still has a remnant of men who love Him, and have a desire to lead their family into a close relationship with Jesus. The Lord is the only one who can make good marriages using sinners who are married to other sinners.

    May Christ be praised!


  • http://www.elizabethesther.com Elizabeth Esther

    I’m reading these lists with happy tears! It’s so encouraging!! Man oh man. This is awesome! I hope some husbands are reading today and feeling encouraged, too! :) Please keep sharing!

  • Elizabeth

    This is great. It made me think about how blessed I am by my own husband!