This is where bloggers gather on the first Saturday of each month to share their latest and greatest blog posts. This weekend we are sharing our favorite post from October 2010!

This month, it's all about you! So, here's how to participate!

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  1. pick one of YOUR posts from the past month. Insert a link to that specific post (not just your home page) in The Mister Linky form here on my blog.
  2. compose a new post at your site with a link back here so your readers can participate, too. The more the merrier–it's always fun to discover new blogs!

THE SATURDAY EVENING BLOG POST is a celebration of family-friendly art, so please no links to products or giveaways. I'm looking forward to reading your submissions! Enjoy!

  • Scott Morizot

    I chose the start of an ongoing series on my blog. It’s a little long and forms the personal background/formation part of my reflections on Resurrection.

  • Christian H

    Man, I thought you weren’t going to do it! I’ve been checking all day. Which seriously did not help my marking at all.
    I’ll whip up a post in just a minute.

  • Hillary

    Been thinking about you, Elizabeth! Sending hugs…

  • Christian H

    Right-o. Mine is called, “I Want to Know Why People Don’t Know Who I Am,” and it’s about a man who approached me one day for, it seemed, no other reason than the desire to have a conversation about his life with schizophrenia. It’s not a feel-good post, but it’s an important one to me, at least.

    Did you not have a post you wanted to share, Elizabeth? You had some good ones this month… but that’s no different from any other month, I suppose.

  • Lewis

    Thanks a bunch, Elizabeth.

  • Susanne Barrett

    I chose a rather serious post on one of my favorite Scripture verses, but it is some of my better writing. I think….

    Thanks so much for allowing us to post our work here! You’re a gem, EE! :)

    (We So Cal Girls have to stick together!)

  • Leslie

    I’ve been looking forward to this! :D I just started blogging last month, so I chose my very first entry to share with you all. Thank you for doing this, Elizabeth!

  • Cynthia

    My October posting was rather skimpy, but I’ve submitted a post entitled “Teaching Myself my own Lessons”, where a parenting slip-up on my part gave my little boy the opportunity to reinforce my desire to discipline rather than punish.

  • mary kathryn tyson

    my post is dedicated to the first anniversary of my dad’s passing. xo

  • Alise

    I chose a post called “The Beholder” which talks about seeing the beauty that each of us has inside. I think a lot of us can find beauty in uncommon places, but may only be able to turn a critical eye toward ourselves.

    Thanks for this opportunity Elizabeth. You’re a gem!

  • Amy

    I chose a humorous travel post I wrote at the beginning of the month. Just a little light reading.

  • Convert Journal

    In a (face-to-face) discussion, I was asked why I am so opposed to Planned Parenthood, why won’t I acknowledge all the good they do and “what have I done to prevent unwanted pregnancies?”

    Okay, instead of just answering the question, I decided to write this piece on Planned Parenthood.

  • Rachel

    I had several I wanted to post this month. I was torn between “Evil Glee: Confessions of a Special Needs Parent” and the one I choose “Because Doing a Great Job Doesn’t Always Feel Great”. Both reflect this last month for me.

    As always, thanks Liz!

  • Sarah

    Many thanks to Leslie @ A Whole Hearted Catholic for linking to this post!

  • Sandra

    I only had two posts to choose from this month. After my triumphant reclamation of freedom from perfection, I sank rapidly into a deep and ugly depression–one I have been fighting to some degree my whole life and struggling hard all summer. Apparently, no amount of will-power, as evident in my linked post, is capable of overcoming resistant brain chemistry.

    Mid-October I got back on my “meds”, my supplement protocol for brain health, and am climbing back out of the Abyss–more grateful than ever for a God who loves me, even, especially, when I cannot love myself.

  • Sarah@EmergingMummy

    Thanks, EE! Always appreciate you hosting this. It was a tough call this month. But where’s your best of? I always like to see what you choose and why. xo

  • Calah

    I put up a post about karmic vomit, because that’s pretty much how the month of October treated me. Thanks for hosting, Elizabeth! And may I also say, as a fellow PPD battler, I’ve been appreciating your recent posts. Many times they’ve brought me to tears and helped me to feel less alone. I resorted to medication only once and hated it, and since then have chosen to deal with it through diet and exercise, but with few friends around it’s really nice to have a fellow blogger who has experienced the same thing and is willing to share. Thank you.

  • Ashley

    Saw this on Emerging Mummy! Great idea!

  • douglas

    I only found about this on Sunday from Mary Kathyrn. I think it’s a fun way to experience and meet more people and their thoughts.

  • LLmom

    thanks, EE.

  • The Sojourner

    I hope nobody minds if I do this as a Sunday evening blog post. Over here in the Eastern Time Zone I don’t see this stuff until the next day. :)

  • Joy

    I’m late, as usual. :)

  • thatmom

    Looking forward to some great reads this months!!!

  • Virginia Knowles

    Monday afternoon OK? I posted my October fav, “Give Us Grateful Hearts for Common Graces” which has some pretty pictures to accompany the inspiration and yard sale finds. Virginia Knowles @ and

  • Toxic Sheep No More

    October was my last month of posting (for a while at least) over at “The Cult Next Door”…blessings EE and thanks for hosting!

  • wow gold

    October was my last month of posting (for a while at least) over at “The Cult Next Door”…blessings EE and thanks for hosting!