Puppy Wuv for Muvers Day! {help us pick a name for our new puppy!}

My Mother’s Day Gift was an 8 week old, female King Charles Cavalier! I am the happiest mommy in alls da worlds!

I love Jude’s face in these pictures!
My kids are just as in love as I am! :)

We don’t have a name for this wittle lover yet. Would you like to help us pick a name? Leave your ideas in the comment box (I’m particularly fond of the names of English poets, famous writers and/or their characters’ names AND the names of saints–but we’re open to anything!). :) YAY, PUPPIES!!!

p.s. in case you were wondering, we purchased our puppy from a responsible, dedicated, long-time home breeder–NOT a pet store. :)

  • http://www.lesmesaventures.com Jessica

    Name her “Arden”.

    In Shakespeare’s play “As You Like It”, it’s the name of a magical forest that brings the lovers/family together. In Elizabethan tradition, forests were a place of “possibility” – meaning that anything could happen. So in plays like “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, the forest allows the lovers to come together as well as provide a setting for the fairies.
    (I’m an English major… it’s my job to know this kind of random stuff)

    Cool, huh? And…. it’s a kickin’ name. Bonus. =)

    • http://www.sohappytolove.blogspot.com Heidi Stephen

      this is my favorite suggestion!

  • Kris

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Love your new puppy! We have a 3 year old King Charles Spaniel that is black,brown,and white. We love him to death and my kids especially adore him. Did you know that this breed becomes VERY attached to the primary caregiver? Our Kobe follows me around everywhere I go all day long. I can’t even go to the restroom alone! He is always by my side. They are great lap dogs too. I remember when we first committed to buying him I got such a migraine because I could not believe I agreed to pay so much money for a dog (this breed is not cheap). But looking back I am so glad we did because he has been the perfect family dog. Good luck! Sorry, I have no ideas for a name!!

  • http://www.inksprout.com/ Robin Z.

    Love the pictures! Perhaps Nesbit could be an interesting name. :)

  • KatR

    For some reason, I look at her and think “Juliet”. I like human names for dogs. She’s soooo cute.

  • http://thepartythatneverquits.blogspot.com Jen

    Cavaliers are my favouritest ever.

    Names: Shelley, Brontë, Chudleigh, Widsith, Deor, Elene, Juliana, Judith (the last 5 found here: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_English_literature)

    And I also found this link… Which might be helpful. Not all English… An American poet name is Léoni, which I thought was lovely :) http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_female_poets

  • Janet

    Zelda (companion)http://www.yeahbaby.com/meaning-name-etymology.php?name=Zelda
    The poet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zelda_(poet)

  • Fr. Brendan

    Seeing as how Elizabeth (my favorite Saint’s name–St. Elizabeth the New Martyr of Russia) is taken, how about Joan? St. Joan was a cavalier (horse riding person), and Joan is a short name, easy to remember.

    To learn more about St. Elizabeth, go to: http://www.antiochian.org/node/18906

    To learn more about St. Joan, go to: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/08409c.htm

  • lisa

    Beatrice….. from “Much Ado About Nothing”. :)

  • Shauna


  • http://wellthinkagain.blogspot.com/ Deb


  • Marquis

    Call the puppy, Bandit, cause it done stole your heart.

  • http://www.chron.com/channel/houstonbelief/commons/theologyinheels.html Lauren J

    what about something like rosetti and shorten it to rosie?

  • http://sevenlittleaustralians.blogspot.com/ Erin

    Ellowyn(Eowyn) – of LOTR fame. (Ellie for short)

  • Maggie

    Mrs. Darcy

  • http://www.amysadventures.org Amy

    I’m not gonna be very original, but I want to second (or third) the idea for Bronte.

  • http://www.laundryandlullabies.blogspot.com Emily

    I’d go for Shelley or Juliet. Probably Juliet is my favorite, though. She’s an adorable puppy and now I WANT ONE TOO!

  • http://www.barefootandpregnantblog.blogspot.com Calah

    I love the name Auden, after WH Auden. His poem Lullaby is one of my favorites. I’ve always wanted to name our daughter (if we have another) that, but my husband keeps vetoing it. It would be perfect for your adorable puppy, though!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • http://silly-bear.com Sarah@From Tolstoy to Tinkerbell

    What a cutie puppy! Friday, I wrote that motherhood should come with a puppy, and there’s yours!

    I’m a firm believer that after holding the puppy the name come to you. How about Ophelia(if she’s a drama queen), Julian( the lovely Julian of Norwich), Sappho(if she’s inspires your poetry), or Muse(if she inspires your writing).

  • Janet Accetta

    I was thinking “Terry” because it is not as formal a name (for such a cute doggie) as some of the literary names, which were great – and also, there were two major saints named “Teresa”, which you probably know – St. Teresa of Avila, a major mystic, and St. Therese of Lisieux, whose “Little Way” was based on love – doing all things out of a core of love.

    Also, your mother is BEAUTIFUL – she emanates grace. Beautiful photo.


  • Amanda

    What a cutie pie! I like Annie or Emily.

  • http://onlyorangery.blogspot.com/ Her Royal Orangeness

    Lucie from “A Tale of Two Cities”

    According to SparkNotes: “Dickens depicts Lucie as an archetype of compassion. Her love has the power to bind her family together—the text often refers to her as the ‘golden thread.’ Furthermore, her love has the power to transform those around her.”

  • Agnes

    What about Barkis (Pickwick Papers) or Biddy (Great Expectations)? Also Bitzer (Hard Times) and you could call her Bitty (sounds like Biddy right, but sooo different :P). Perhaps Dorrit? Or Zephyr (Pickwick Papers), and you could call her Zeffy.

    Can you tell I’m going with a Charles Dickens theme because of the Charles connection!! OHHHHHH I want a dog so much, you are one lucky mommy!! :)

  • Katharine

    Awwww… she is so cute :)
    I think literary last names as dog names are adorable… like Darcy, Bennet, Bingley, or Wentworth…. I think I like Darcy best for a girl.
    Good luck! :)

  • http://parentingthetiniestofmiracles.blogspot.com JessieLeigh

    Such a cutie pie! Great suggestions here already. I like Thisby, from the “play within a play” of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. :)

    • Tara Meghan

      Yes!! Thisby – too great.

  • http://remnantofremnant.blogspot.com priest’s wife

    …just had to say- LOVE that puppy…I’m out of name ideas, I wouldn’t probably end up calling the pup sweetie pie

  • http://www.4andcounting.blogspot.com nicole

    A pet would be my nightmare gift! But that is a cute puppy. And I will echo the chorus calling for Darcy!

  • Gail Brightbill

    Louisa, as in Louisa May Alcott
    Elizabeth as in Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    Sojourner as in Sojourner Truth: http://www.womenwriters.net/domesticgoddess/truth.htm

  • http://bellwhistlemoon.blogspot.com/ mary bailey

    Zoe….from Sesame Street.

    I say that only because we have a dog named Elmo!

    I think “Darcy” is the best out of all the suggestions you have here!

  • http://sue-livingandlearning.blogspot.com/ Sue

    OH! I am soooo jealous (stomping foot)!! I want a doggie so badly, but we can’t have one in our condo (sniff).

    I want to have a female dog, and call her Bonnie. I’ll share the name with you if you like ;o).

  • Theresa in Alberta

    well,,,,seeing that it is a King Charles cavailer, maybe ,,,charlie!

  • Georgia

    I suggest Olivia, which originated in one of Mr. Will Shakespeare’s plays (The Tempest, I think).

  • Christopher

    Hmm…. looks like a Matilda, or Mattie? :)

  • Sharon O

    My dogs name is Emma and I also had a Sadie and a Sophie you could also go with Lizzie or Miss Lizzie or Lady

  • lisa

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I love following your blog. Our stories are similar. Your vulnerability, wit, and transparency are life giving. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    Your puppy is adorable! How about Bella, Isabella, or Emma? Phoebe? She’s a jewel! I have a Molly and a Chloe.


  • http://www.rareroses.com/ Azure

    There’s Austen, as in Jane Austen, Guinevere, Juliet, Hyacinth, Marigold, Clover and Pippa.


  • Kc

    how about Camilla (Cami) or Princes Kate — the Dutchess of Cambridge (Cambri)! Hee, still celebrating the Royal Wedding! :)