Bolivia in Pictures

Meeting the children at a rural school where World Vision provides enrichment programs ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

I taught a bunch of kids the "thumbs up" sign. Plus? I'm naturally melodramatic and goofy. Adults and children seemed to LOVE that. I LOVED making them laugh. ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

Sponsored children are often shy when first meeting their sponsors--a little silliness on my part went a long way in making Jhoel feel comfortable. ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

After we visited families, they usually offered us boiled potatoes as a sign of gratitude--most rural Bolivians are farmers and potatoes are a staple crop ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

The ADP in Colomi is just over a year old and doing such great work with special needs kids--here is our whole team with the ADP staff (all Colomi locals). The workers got a kick out of how freaked out I was by their stairs with no railings. ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

You know you're at a World Vision site when children everywhere are playing and smiling--this new playground provided by World Vision donations was newly dedicated in the St. Isobel community ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

The new slide at the St. Isobel playground ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

This little girl was having so much fun on the new St. Isobel playground. ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

Poor Bolivian children are often malnourished, beaten and/or sexually abused. Some are abandoned. Grandparents often raise their grandchildren but sometimes die before the children reach adulthood. ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

Blue Sweater Girl lives in the Sora-Sora community. Her home is a 30 minute walk from the school where World Vision holds its Wednesday afternoon program--PRAY World Vision staff are able to win her parents' permission to let her attend the program and register for sponsorship! ©2011 Matthew Paul Turner

The children in the Sora-Sora community created this banner to welcome us--this is a brand new area for World Vision and the need is so great and so desperate. But I have great hopes for Sora-Sora, especially after seeing the work World Vision has done in other communities. ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

Adobe homes with thatched or tin roofs in the Sora-Sora community ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

The staff at the Colomi ADP offered these beautiful white, Bolivian scarves to us as a sign of appreciation for our visit. From left: Jana Melpolder, me and Rachel Held Evans. ©2011 Amy Conner for World Vision

Would you like to sponsor a child? Please CLICK HERE! When you sponsor a child, please email me directly. I would love to thank you personally.

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  • Elisa

    Love the pictures!!! The colors look so vibrant – beautiful!

  • Alison

    These pictures are beautiful, and stir my heart. Thank you so much to each of you for being there & sharing the need.

  • Emily

    Thank you for sharing all that you’re experiencing. I firmly believe in the importance of child sponsorship and I appreciate your perspective and all the great photos. Thank you for your honesty and openness throughout your trip.

  • Jami rogers

    These pics are beautiful and heart breaking

  • Linda

    You are a woman of action and compassion. I like that. I respect that. Keep on goin’ girl.

  • Heidi Stephen

    I love getting to see all these pictures and I have been reading and appreciating your posts about your trip SO much!!

  • Lucy

    All your pictures have been both so beautiful and so hard to see. Sponsoring children has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. We’re going to be doing some financial reorganizing this month and I plan to add sponsorship for at least one child to our budget. Thank you for making a trip like this and for bringing these precious children to our attention.

  • Nancy

    I love the photos — and seeing you in them with these beautiful children. Thank you for helping get the word out about how we can help World Vision.

  • Shanda Oakley

    What I love most about this post: the faces of the people and their smiles, young and old alike. What a wonderful experince for you to share in their lives during this trip.

  • Libby

    Thank you for sharing these pictures and thoughts from your trip. Keep on sharing! May it encourage others to help those in need in South America and around the world.

  • kharking

    Re: your frustrations of August 3rd that so few people have responded by sponsoring children through your site, I hope that I can encourage you by letting you know that some of us have not because we already do. We have supported six children in various places over the last 10 years (currently three) and those who have graduated or been in programs that wrapped up successfully still have their pictures on my fridge so that I remember to pray for them regularly. You are right, there is always more that should be done and seeing their situation directly, as you are doing, must only emphasize that.