• Sharon O

    Beautiful little girl, I cannot imagine in my mind how one just walks away from a delicate innocent little girl. How does it fit in ones heart?
    So glad someone safe found her. Her story could have had a much worse ending. Thank you for showing the video. Her smile is contagious.

  • http://www.indiatoappleton.blogspot.com Nancy

    I am so grateful that she is safe. There seems to be such a war on against children, in so many ways and in so many different parts of the world. We sponsor a home for abandoned girls in India, and her story is similar to some of theirs. Thanks for doing battle in this particular war, EE.

  • http://soulsarefed.blogspot.com Lynn B

    I just wanted to let you know I have visited every day during your trip. I followed Ann Voskamp’s Compassion journey last year and was deeply changed by it, and I thank you for sharing yours as well! I know that reading about it can’t even begin to compare to experiencing the scope of the need… but it’s the closest I’ve ever been to understanding. It’s beautiful and difficult work you are doing to share it, even with those who don’t want to see. I’m praying to see how God wants me to help from my own small corner of the world. God bless you, Elizabeth!!