Why Smorgasbord Christianity is Good for Kids

I wrote a guest post for my dear friend, Rachel Held Evans. It’s called “Why Smorgasbord Christianity is Good For Kids.” Here’s an excerpt:

I wanted to give my kids some kind of foundation—some method/rubric/structure for relating to God. So, despite the fact that I was ready to fly the religious coop, I agreed with my husband that we should give our children a foundation to build on. If they later decided to tweak it or wholesale abandon it, at least I’d done my duty. I’d pointed the way. Thus we embarked on our journey through the museum of American Christianity. We came into contact with a plethora of Christian lifeforms, observed many of them in their native church habitats….[read the rest of my guest post for Rachel Held Evans here].

  • http://centurie.tumblr.com Marisa

    I hear ya, I think it’s good for them too. We worship to Holy-Spirit-come-down charismatic music  at home, and alternate between attending an orthodox Presbyterian church, and a more emergent home fellowship.

  • Miles O’Neal

    I already commented in Rachel’s blog, but basically, I totally agree. We should at least taste each of the flavors.

  • Estelle

    Hi Elizabeth, it sounds to me you are more at peace with where you are on your faith journey. I’m glad.

  • http://www.christianfunnypictures.com/ Christian Funny Pictures

    Interesting. thanks for posting.

  • Beth007

    My spiritual community tells me I should only expose my kids to orthodox Catholicism because my kids will go to hell if they grow up and choose not to be Catholic.  I don’t agree with that which is why  I really appreciate your prespective and think it is very important

  • http://mommainprogress.blogspot.com/ Momma_in_Progress

    Just read this post and wanted to say . . . love! I really enjoyed reading your perspective. Fabulous. (And I think this is pretty much where we are, too.)