EE’s Top Ten Posts of 2012

I’ve curated my best posts from 2012. Enjoy. Most of all, thank you for reading my words and loving me anyway and always. 

1. Why Hating Religion But Loving Jesus is Impossible

2. Sex, Lies & Mommy-Blogging

3. Fundamentalist Scare Tactics: Shunning, Shaming & Showboating

4. What should you do if your adult child joins a cult?

5. How do you spell draconian? BOB JONES UNIVERSITY.

6. Top Ten Signs of a Spiritually Abusive Church

7. Falling out of love with Catholicism

8. Why disappearing into motherhood is not a betrayal of feminism

9. Why I’ve stopped living like each day is my last

10. A real-life conversation between me (an ENFP) and my husband (an ISTJ)

  • sarahlcc

    Your words heal my soul. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.