Today, around 2:40pm, my son Jude was riding his bike home from school. He rounded a corner and suddenly, blacked out. When he woke up, he’d crashed into a parked car and his forehead was against the handlebars. He broke the tail-light of the car, busted the brakes on his bike, snapped brake line wires. He really hit that car hard. He somehow managed to get home (he was one block from home). He was crying and all disoriented.

I put him in the car and drove to the crash site, took pictures of the busted tail-light and left a note on car door for owner to call us. When I got back in the car, Jude couldn’t put sentences together. He was having trouble staying awake. His eyes kept rolling back in his head. I figured he had a concussion and called the doctor’s office.

They brought him in right away. Jude couldn’t stay awake. We got him into the ER and they ran tests. They did a scan of his head. They drew blood and took urine. Jude was in and out of consciousness. He did not flinch or even move when they poked him with the needle to draw blood. He was lethargic. A nurse asked if he was sedated because he was so still.

Tests came back clear. But we still don’t know why Jude fainted in the first place. Yesterday we noticed that he was especially quiet. He’s usually pretty talkative and makes lots of funny noises, cartoon voices and plays with the dogs really boisterously. But I mentioned to my husband that Jude was very quiet which was especially odd since it was his birthday.

Then today, fainting. I’m still freaking out about the fact that he fainted while riding his bike. ON A STREET. Oh, I can’t think about that. I can’t.

They are keeping Jude overnight in the hospital to run more tests. Neurologist needs to check him out. And other specialists. We will know more tomorrow.

For now, I’m trying to count all the mercies, here. He fainted on a side street–not a busy street. He crashed into a parked car–not a moving car. He wasn’t hit by any other cars while he was blacked out. He made it home. Our doctors’ office saw us immediately. We got into the ER soon after.

I had friends praying for me through the whole thing and I can truly say I felt the prayers. I was calm and focused the whole time. I only cried once they let Jude fall asleep after removing his neck brace. I’m pretty sure I’m in a state of shock. So many tiny things could have gone differently.

I’m trying to focus on the abundant mercies and the goodness of my friends and family during this time. We don’t have answers yet about WHY he fainted. They are checking on possibilities of seizures, etc. I started to Google for answers but that just made me freak out even more.

I’m gonna try to sleep a little now. If you can, say a prayer for our family. Matt is with Jude at the hospital now and I came home to talk with the other kids for awhile. I’ll go back in the morning so Matt can go to work.

In the meantime, thank you for your prayers and support. I would also like to say a very special thank you to the wonderful medical staff, technicians, admittance folks, the Emergency valet guys and everyone at St. Joseph’s CHOC hospital. I am simply amazed by the level of care and love we have received.

I’ll post again soon once I have more answers. I need to try and get some rest now. Thank you for your love and support. More soon. xo. EE.

{please forgive me if this post is jumbled and incoherent, I didn’t proof it, just wrote it straight through after this crazy afternoon. thanks for your grace.}

  • http://twitter.com/brymaes Bryan Michael Maes


    I’m so sorry to hear this. Truly. Said the supplicatory canon to the most holy Theotokos for Jude, you, and the rest of your family. + Kyrie eleison, Kyrie elesion, Kyrie elesion.

  • http://thechuppies.com/ Kara @ The Chuppies

    praying dear friend…

  • http://www.facebook.com/molly.remer Molly Remer

    Oh my! Thinking of you and Jude. And, you’re right–what a combination of “mercies” here. Yikes!

    Any chance it could have been an episode of low blood sugar? I’ve been around a couple of sudden fainters and low blood sugar (or low potassium) was the cause for each of them.

  • Rachel A.

    God bless you all!

  • Alan Molineaux

    Praying for you

  • http://www.facebook.com/janel.andrews2 Janel Andrews

    oh my goodness dear one. your momma’s heart must be flying in a million different directions. Dear EE, know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of so many, and little Jude is lifted up before the throne. Praying that the Doctors are given such wisdom to see the signs of what his little body is telling them. praying for strength for you and your hubby as you surround him with love, as well as your other kids and each other. And most of all praying peace deep into the corners of your what ifs…i know that can drive your heart to such pain, praying that the here and now will be in your mind and that your heart will be given peace to deal with whatever may come in the days ahead. praise God for the clarity of you being able to get him into the places that could get him help and for his stamina to get home.

  • http://likesunshineinthehome.blogspot.com/ Sarah H

    So sorry, praying…

  • richard

    You have my prayers.

  • made for another world

    Praying right now for Jude!

  • http://gcjeffers.wordpress.com/ Gregory Jeffers

    Definitely praying:

    St. Gerard, who, like the Saviour, loved children so tenderly and by your prayers freed many from disease and even death, listen to us who are pleading for EE’s sick child. We thank God for the great gift of her son and ask Him to restore her child to health if such be His holy will. This favour, we beg of you through your love for all children and mothers.

  • Clark Roush


    You can take some comfort in knowing that God completely understands how a parent feels when their son is physically compromised. As much as you can, rest in his tender mercies, as so many of us pray for answers and healing for Jude. May the Great Physician help calm your mother’s heart, and bring comfort to you and your family. Thank you for letting us walk this part of the journey with you!

    Clark Roush, Ph.D.

  • TheresaEH

    I will pray for Jude. I donot wish to be an alarmist but Judes symptoms sound like epilepsy. My husband and his nephew have it but are controlled with medication. Since Jude is under the care of neurologist i am sure they will run a brain ECG, which is like one for the heart but the electric wires are put on his head. (not painful at all) I donot know how old Jude is, but some children get these siezures as they brain is waking up the body to enter into puberty. then once the body is almost done with that puberty thing the siezure disappear as suddenly as they appear. Feel free to email me as my husband has become very knowledgeable in this field and has become an advocate for epileptics in Canada.

    • laura

      I was going to say the same thing. Possibly petit mal (absence) seizures. Praying for your family.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=11018683 Elizabeth Larson-DiPippo

    Praying right now.

  • Susan

    It's scary when your child is hurt, I can't imagine how hard this is for you.

  • Jessica

    Oh, Elizabeth. Praying for Jude and for you. Much love.

  • cara

    Oh, I’m so sorry, EE. God bless you and your sweet family as you wait for answers. You are in my prayers.

  • Susan in Saskatchewan

    Sending a prayer for Jude and you and your family, that answers to your questions will be found quickly and that Jude is already on the road to recovery.

  • http://www.facebook.com/arlajohnson Laura Desch Johnson

    Praying for your little guy.

  • Lucie

    Dear Friend, there were indeed many mercies, and I’m thankful for them with you. Feeling for you at this time. Looking forward to learning more. It sounds like you stayed strong and did a great job of handling this so far.

  • Sarah

    Praying for Jude and your family! I hope you have answers soon. Love and peace to you. <3

  • Maryann

    I’m praying for Jude.

  • http://twitter.com/TinyandFierce__ Cassie Chang

    Definitely, definitely praying for Jude.

  • Kreine

    EE, my own mama heart stopped when reading this. Please know you have Christian brothers & sisters of all flavors bearing your family before the sacred throne of God.

    I’m not Catholic, but I will find the appropriate saints to entreat for your sweet Jude.

  • pleschke

    Praying for some answers to the many medical questions you have, and for Jude to be safe and healed!

  • JL

    Prayers quietly going up here, as well. Lord, have mercy.

  • Jake Meador

    EE – I’m really sorry to read this. I’ll be praying.

  • anna see

    Praying for your boy!

  • Emily

    Praying for your family and Jude!

  • fancystephanie

    Your family is in our prayers. And yes – St. Joseph’s/CHOC is an amazing hospital!!!

  • Janet7

    I’m so sorry you are all going through this – I wanted to say that when I was Jude’s age, I used to black-out, and the cause of it was hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar – it’s a long shot, but I was wondering if they took his blood sugar levels in the hospital –

    I also had seizures as a child, when I ran a fever – since someone mentioned seizures here, I thought of the low blood sugar connection – (since, according to MDs at that time, they were connected) –

    God bless all of you – thank you, God, for watching over Jude during this accident -

  • Taunya Henderson

    Praying for Jude and your entire family!!

  • Joanie

    I’m praying for your family and your sweet birthday boy. Rejoicing with you over the mercies and that you’re at CHOC. He is in good hands there.

  • Amanda Crook

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Please be with EE and Jude right now. They need your guidance, mercy, and strength. Most importantly, they need the doctors to think clearly and decicively and be able to diagnose little Jude.

    I ask this in Jesus’ precious name,


    • Lesia


  • http://www.facebook.com/victoria.davidson.90 Victoria Davidson

    I’m praying for Jude, you and your entire family. Let us know soon how he is getting along.

  • Anonymous

    So glad that, as you said, this wasn’t any worse! Praying for Jude, your family and the medical staff as you all try to find answers.

  • http://GrittyGrace.com Martha Brady

    my dear, of course this post will be jumbled. your whole soul is probably jumbled. one of your babies is sick, could have been killed and you don’t know why. that is a lot to process for sure. i will have you in my prayers and frequent tho’ts.

    when i was 20, i overslept and later woke up with a huge black eye and a horrible headache. my tongue was chewed up and i was sure i had had a seizure. since no one saw it, they didn’t want to put me through all the tests. a few months later, i had one with some nurse friends nearby. THEN i had all the tests! ugh! of all the choices i had at the time, epilepsy was the best choice. i was relieved when i recieved the diagnosis. i was fortunate to be well controlled with medication over the past 46 yrs. except for a few years during menopause (which were a nightmare that a son would not have to deal with:)

    whatever happens, GOD is big enough and sufficient enough for it…but don’t go into the dark places that don’t exist yet. take it one day at a time…stay off the internet where you will read all manner of wild stories. trust GOD to guide both you and your husband in the days ahead. So grateful that he was protected from worse injury.

    am praying for you as you wait! with love, martha

  • http://GrittyGrace.com Martha Brady

    PS. and what could be more comforting than the last 2 verses of the book of Jude.

  • Jenna Pashley

    I passed out once while driving, as did one of my sisters. No previous issues, nothing like it ever happened again. In both cases, we had single-car accidents in which we totaled our poor parents’ cars without having any injuries ourselves, thank the Lord. I wanted to share our experience so you know that it’s possible it was just a fluke occurrence. Don’t Google! It leads to paranoia!

  • Verity3

    Praying for Jude and your family!