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Women WILL save the world

This is what I learned: God speaks through men, works through men and accomplishes His will through men. Like many other young girls growing up in American, evangelical faith, I simply accepted this male-dominated narrative. And I shied away from the “idolatry” of honoring a woman. I sometimes wonder if the way of women has been lost in some of our churches because we have lost Mother Mary. My generation—especially those who grew up Protestant like I did—seem to have forgotten her….

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I’m still afraid God hates me {and how I’m changing that}

When I sincerely believed I was broken/bad, it was nearly impossible for me to receive God’s grace and love.

When I believed I was inherently broken, I stayed in relationships and situations and churches that caused me long-term pain because I didn’t believe I deserved better. I was desperate and needy and clung to people—even harmful people—because having an abuser love me was better than nothing.

I confused love with neediness and developed an aching need to be rescued. In a weird sort of self-sabotage, I often attached myself to people who were emotionally unavailable and incapable of giving me the love I needed.

I have to work my recovery every single day because I’m still afraid God hates me….READ MORE AT DEEPER STORY.

Purity Culture vs. Purity Ethic

It’s tragic that purity has come to be almost exclusively identified with sexuality rather than as a whole-person approach to living.

Because by relegating purity to merely our sexuality, we set ourselves up for hypocrisy, duplicity and ultimately, dehumanization.  Indeed, the unintended consequence of focusing exclusively on “sexual purity” is a fragmentation of our being. Anytime we elevate, idolize or excessively focus on one part of our humanity we fragment ourselves and thus, deny the wholeness of our personhood.

Which is to say, anyone can conform to external standards of dress and behavior but that does not mean the person is pure–because purity is so much more than wearing a baggy, denim jumper or slapping on a “True Love Waits” wristband. READ MORE AT DEEPER STORY.

Making sense of senselessness

Senseless violence is everywhere. Or so it seems. I’ve stopped trying to figure it out. And may I admit something? I’ve also stopped trying to keep up. Thomas Merton once wrote that he didn’t read “the news” because he refused to get swept up in the sensationalism, the immediacy, the frantic urgency. He preferred, rather, to receive the news belatedly–as a “dry crust of bread.”

What I’m beginning to realize is that I’m not helping anyone–least of all, myself–by running around with a microscope trying to figure out Why All The Things Happen. I mean, I don’t just do this with bad things. I microscope the crap out of everything. I examine and process and try to figure out how it all fits in the Grand Scheme….READ MORE AT DEEPER STORY.

Embracing the broken-hearted way

Hello, beloveds. You’ve been missing me, yes? Well, I’ve been missing you, too. I am now halfway through Chapter 9 and this book is breaking up my life and putting it all back together again. As a tribute to this broken-hearted way, I’ve written a little piece for you over at Deeper Story. It’s a taste of what I’m working through right now. Bring some tissues and go read: Embracing The Broken-Hearted Way.

When church is too good for sinners

I grew up in a church that attached great moral significance to such cultural customs as: wearing a suit and tie to church, women covering their heads in worship, arriving on time, men not having hair that was longer than their shirt collar. And while many of these practices were beneficial to the solidarity and highly zealous environment of the church–there was a tendency to elevate these practices into spiritual imperatives.

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