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So Totally Relidge: the pope resigns & racially segregated churches

Stephen Colbert for Pope? This week, Kristen and I discuss the Pope’s resignation and the racially segregated churches. How do you feel about the Pope’s resignation and what sort of Pope are you hoping will follow Pope Benedict XVI? Do racially segregated churches prevent us from achieving spiritual unity? How can we come together? Should spiritual values supersede cultural differences?

So Totally Relidge! “Purity Culture & Idolatry of Virginity”

Kristen Howerton and I discuss shaming language, fear-based rhetoric and the “reverse objectification” of evangelical purity culture. Kristen shares how clients will come to her completely discouraged about their sex lives because they believed the “purity brochure” which promised awesome married sex. We discuss purity rings (why not “Gossip Rings”?) and using the language of commerce to talk about sex. Note: we recorded this episode before The Gospel Coalition published its critique, but if you watch until the end you’ll see that we preempted their false narrative by going on record as saying: it’s GOOD to wait until your wedding night! What up, TGC. What UP.

“So Totally Relidge!” Superbowl, Beyonce and Owning our Sexuality

This week, Kristen Howerton and I are discussing misogynistic commercials, Beyonce’s half-time performance and all things female empowerment. Do you think Beyonce’s half-time show was a good example of female empowerment? And on a production note, would you prefer “So Totally Relidge!” to remain a video series or would it be more convenient if we made it a podcast? Let us know!

We’re baaaaaack! EE & Kristen Howerton “So Totally Relidge!”

Kristen Howerton and I had such a great time discussing politics that we decided to team up again and discuss another topic we care deeply about: religion! Our plan is to do a weekly recap about religious topics we’ve read on the Internet. Our first episode? Last week’s brouhaha surrounding Mark Driscoll’s disrespectful tweet about President Obama. Also, we’d love your feedback. If you’ve read something you’d like us to discuss, please share.