Book Giveaway: “Fierce Convictions” by Karen Swallow Prior

Today, I’m thrilled to host literature professor and author, Karen Swallow Prior. Karen’s new book, “Fierce Convictions” is about poet, reformer and abolitionist Hannah More (1745-1833). Hannah More was a woman after my own heart. Strong and yet deeply sensitive, she also suffered recurring episodes of deep depression. Reading “Fierce Convictions,” I couldn’t help but be Continue Reading »

A&E “Dogs of War,” New Books (!!), #ENFP Problems and Other Happy Cornucopias coming your way this week!

When we adopted our rescue pit bulls, I completely underestimated how much love and joy they’d bring into our lives. We couldn’t imagine our family without them! This week, we’re especially excited to watch a new show on A&E called “Dogs of War,” premiering on Veterans Day. It’s about a combat veteran who returns from war struggling with Continue Reading »

If the waters can redeem me…

There was a full moon last night. I felt its pull. All day my body ached. I’ve been carrying pain. I’m so accustomed to carrying this “pain-weight” that sometimes I believe I must carry it. I lose hope that feeling good is an option for me. Indeed, I begin to believe I deserve this pain. I’ve made mistakes, haven’t Continue Reading »

Month-In-Review: $4 DIY hair coloring, a new Mitford novel and twin witches

When Jorai (on the right) told me she wanted to be a witch for Halloween this year, I hesitated. We don’t do blood, gore and witch stuff for Halloween. But then I saw a gorgeous Glinda the Good Witch costume and thought: “Hey! The twins could be sister witches from the Wizard of Oz!” Witch-dilemma Continue Reading »

I love you, therefore I hit you…er, SPANK you. {How Christians conflate love with violence}

Once again, child abuse is in the news. This time, a star football player beat his four year old son with a branch, leaving welts and marks all over the child’s body. In the wake of his suspension, Peterson’s supporters are quick to claim we’re all mistaken. Ignore those welts, please. Adrian Peterson is REALLY Continue Reading »