Agree with SCOTUS? Well. You’re a “far right” conservative whackaloon/anti-woman rape apologist who should “call it a day” and shut up about religious liberty already, amen.

It’s been a weird month. Two weeks ago when I called for a sexual predator’s post to be taken down, all the progressive Christians were like: YES! and PREACH! And “thank you!” and #Solidarity and #Sisterhood. Today when I tweeted that I agreed with the SCOTUS ruling, suddenly I became an anti-woman rape apologist. Because Continue Reading »

Protecting Christian homeschooling’s reputation vs. protecting abused kids, slam poetry for menstruation, children of Christian narcissists and books I’ve been reading

This is how I imagine myself. Minus the lung cancer, of course. (Click on the pic to see the whole collection of classy people from the past) Slam poetry for menstruation? Oh, yeah. I watched this with my 14 year old daughter and was hollering “YES YES YES” the whole time. “If any fool mishandles Continue Reading »

I met him online. It was love at first pixel.

Those eyes. Those chiseled features. That vaguely-aloof-yet-vulnerable expression. And, of course, the missing leg. Amputees are hot, am I right? The more I got to know him, the more I fell in love. Rico had been through hell and back. Last year, he was hit by a car. Bloodied and broken, he was taken to Continue Reading »

UPDATED! An open letter to Christianity Today & @Leadership_Jnl : TAKE DOWN THE RAPE POST. It’s not an “extramarital relationship.” It’s statutory RAPE. @CTMagazine

UPDATE: Leadership Journal has taken down the post. The CEO of Christianity Today, Int’l has apologized “unreservedly.” You guys, we did it. I am crying SO HARD right now. So much relief. There was a time when women like myself would have been IGNORED forever. But no longer. I am weeping with gratitude and pain and Continue Reading »

Sometimes my recovery looks like a miniskirt, sometimes it looks like a maxi dress. Plus a hat. Or a headscarf. Don’t judge.

Guess what? You don’t just “get over” trauma. When you’ve suffered long-term childhood abuse, it’s not like it goes away. It’s so deep inside you, that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the pain and the YOU. This is me telling you that I struggle every day. This is me telling you that most mornings Continue Reading »

Top 5 Reasons People Join Cults {hint: it’s not because they’re stupid}

People don’t join cults because they want to join cults. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, “Hey, I’d love to join a cult today!” Another misconception is that people join cults because they’re stupid or uneducated. THIS IS NOT TRUE. (In The Assembly, we had plenty of highly educated folks). So, please. Check Continue Reading »