Why do Christian news outlets minimize abuse in Christian homeschooling?

Today, WORLD Magazine published an article tentatively exploring the “question” of whether abuse and neglect is a problem inside Christian homeschooling. Here, let me answer that for you definitively: Yes. Yes, there is a problem. This is not a “question.” This is not a “debate.” Some of us have been talking about it for YEARS. Look, I’m Continue Reading »

It’s back-to-school for First Lieutenant Room Moms of the New Motherhood Order

Something has radically shifted since I had my first child fifteen years ago. When I was pregnant with my first baby, preschool was a matter of personal preference. Optional. It was like: “You’re keeping her home, that’s cool.” Nowadays, you MUST put your child on a preschool waiting list. While you’re still pregnant. Because don’t you Continue Reading »

A time to mourn

Sunday, August 10th was a perfect Southern California day. It was the kind of day you spend driving over the Coronado Bay Bridge—blue water sparkling below and navy warships all lined up in a row. It’s the kind of day you spend browsing quaint shops, walking the beach and later, sipping cool drinks by the Continue Reading »

Acts 29 Network removes co-founder Mark Driscoll from membership, asks him to step down citing “ungodly and disqualifying behavior”

In a stunning move, Christianity Today is reporting that The Acts 29 Network, the very church-planting network Mark Driscoll co-founded, has removed Mars Hill Church from membership and asked him to step down from ministry and seek help. I am grateful that those close to Mark are finally taking action. Let’s hope and pray for true repentance, Continue Reading »

Does Jesus ask us to accept empty apologies? Some thoughts on what it means to forgive our abusers.

There’s been some talk about what it means for Christians to forgive our abusers–particularly those who abuse us in the name of God. Yesterday, Jonathan Merritt of Religion News Service wrote an article called “I accept Mark Driscoll’s apology..and you should, too.” In it he encouraged everyone to accept Mark’s most recent public apology because: When Continue Reading »

Falling in love with all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons; aka Breaking Up With Cookie Butter Is Hard to Do

I have a tendency for falling in love. Take Cookie Butter, for instance. Just writing the word cookie butter makes the back of my throat ache. We had such a love affair, me and cookie butter. I thought we’d last forever. Alas, cookie butter was the slippery slope that led me into overeating for a Continue Reading »

Why calling for Mark Driscoll’s resignation isn’t helpful to those inside @MarsHill church

Through out my 25 years in an abusive church (you can read about it in my book, “Girl At The End of the World”), many people told me what I should and should not do. My whole life was dictated by “shoulds” and “should nots.” And when outsiders started telling me what I should do–even a Continue Reading »