Hi, I’m Elizabeth Esther. Thank you for visiting my website!
I’m a writer, wife and mother of five.
I love books, rescue dogs, daily naps, flow-y dresses and rainy days.

I’m the author of Girl at The End of the World: my escape from fundamentalism in search of faith with a future (published March 2014 by Convergent Books, an imprint of Random House) and is available wherever books are sold. Click on the picture below to purchase my book from Amazon.

The Girl at the End of the World


This blog began as a way for me to deconstruct the harmful effects of fundamentalist religion. I grew up inside a homegrown Christan fundamentalist church–which is a nice way of saying I’ve been classically trained in Bible Trivia and  stockpiling for the Apocalypse. I left that church 10 years ago. I still can’t go to church without needing to call my therapist afterwards. But I won’t let go of faith entirely–especially since experiencing a small glimpse of the unconditional love of God. I’ve written about how I was taught to never trust my heart, why I believed I was an inherently evil human being, and the abusive idea that God wants parents to spank their children until their “will is broken.” I’ve written about learning to forgive and be forgiven through Confession ,the damaging effects of “purity culture” and how Mary brought me back to Jesus. I entered the Catholic Church in 2009.

On December 2, 2011, I was a guest on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show. I shared my first-hand experiences with the abusive “child-training” methods of Michael Pearl.

Now that I’ve written a book about my experiences, my blog is evolving. I’m more focused on emotional recovery, embracing mystery and living with an open heart.

I am working on a second book, due to be released in spring of 2016.

My literary agent is Rachelle Gardner of Books and Such Literary.

I live in Southern California with my husband, Matt, and our five children: Jewel (15), James (13), Jude (11) and the twins, Jorai & Jasiel (7).

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My other writing credentials include writing a column for the Orange County Register. My published articles have appeared in Mothering Magazine, Orange Coast Magazine and the Orange County Register. I’ve also written pieces for (in)courage, and Faith&Family. I was a contributing blogger/vlogger for OCFamily.com where I posted short, humorous videos about stuff like why Daddies are rockstars and Mommies are losers. I wrote the foreword for this book and this book.

I also write on parenting topics like my prestigious job as Chief Executive Butt Wiper to my battle with depression/PPD. I’ve written about the challenges of raising my super-hero ADHD son and why taking time to dither and fritter is not wasted time.


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