#TreasuryofSmallBlogs, September 2014

This practice of seeking words from small bloggers is breaking me open. I’ve been weeping over your words, holding them close in the lonely night, nodding “yes-yes” as I read your heart, grateful for a sacred journey through your soul. Thank you for sharing your courageous, beautiful humanity. I am honored to host your precious words.  Continue Reading »

a season of beautiful endings

Southern California has two seasons: Sunny and Sunnier. And while we may not have SEASONS per se—I’ve come to appreciate the subtle changes that signal summer is giving way to autumn. Yesterday, it was the quality of light. Summer’s harsh glare is giving way to a softer, golden hue. And something inside me is also giving way. Continue Reading »

Separating twins at school and other misadventures in twin parenting

So, there’s this trend where twins are separated in school. The idea is to allow twins to develop their own interests and friends. For us, this makes sense. Sometimes. I don’t think separating twins at school needs to be a hard-and-fast rule that happens every year. Parents—who know their twins best—should be the ones making Continue Reading »

I love you, therefore I hit you…er, SPANK you. {How Christians conflate love with violence}

Once again, child abuse is in the news. This time, a star football player beat his four year old son with a branch, leaving welts and marks all over the child’s body. In the wake of his suspension, Peterson’s supporters are quick to claim we’re all mistaken. Ignore those welts, please. Adrian Peterson is REALLY Continue Reading »

“You are ALREADY free!” <—pretty much I went to Texas to preach (and eat queso). Listen HERE.

Arrived home safely from my time in Texas and I’m dead tired—but it’s a GOOD tired. Not a stressed-out tired. Not a energy-sucked-dry-tired. Tired like: WHOA, I LOVE DOING THIS tired. Tired like: I LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE! LET’S TALK ‘TIL MIDNIGHT and then GET UP AT 6am AND TALK SOME MORE! Which is super Continue Reading »

Yo, Texas. I’m headin’ your way this weekend! Let’s meet up, k? Also: QUESO.

Let me begin by saying I’ve never had Queso. I know, I know. WHAT SORT OF DEPRIVED LIFE HAVE I LIVED? One word: fundamentalist childhood. Oh, wait. That’s two words. Point is, from what Texans tell me, I’ve been REALLY missing out. So, I’m gonna remedy that this weekend. This Sunday, September 14th, I’ll be Continue Reading »

Advice Fair-EE: “I was homeschooled and now have trouble making friends.”

Look who’s baaaack! It’s The Advice Fair-EE! And she’s here to answer your burning questions, soothe your aching heart and fix you up right quick! Think of her as your very own Fair-EE Godmother Life Coach. She gives you free advice sprinkled with pixie dust and WHO DOESN’T NEED A LITTLE PIXIE DUST?  Do you Continue Reading »

So…you left an abusive church? 5 Tips to Start Healing NOW. @MarsHill #MarsHillChurch

Your pastor is hunkered down behind locked gates, his only communication with the congregation via pre-recorded video messages. Fifteen of your sister churches are closing. The church you believed in, the pastor you loved, the people you came to call brothers and sisters–it’s all falling apart. With a heavy heart and after much prayer, you decide Continue Reading »

Death of a Cult Leader OR “How are you doing since your grandfather died?”

Grief is weird. Just when you think you’ve got it all washed, dried and neatly tucked away in a little compartmentalized drawer called “The Past,” well, something happens and suddenly, everything is dirty and messy again. I sat down to write yesterday and this came out. So. This is me answering the question: “How are Continue Reading »