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"Esther's descriptions of her claustrophobic childhood faith are clear and compelling."
—Publishers Weekly

"Witty, insightful, courageous and compelling—the kind of book you plan to read in a week but finish in a day. I cannot recommend it enough."
Rachel Held Evans, NYT bestselling author

"Elizabeth Esther ignites the pages from the first chapter and the book burns with honest revelation and bold transparency right till the last page...a brave spiritual memoir." —Ann Voskamp, NYT bestselling author

"Girl at the End of the World adds to an important line of ex-fundamentalist survival stories...Most importantly, though, these memoirs amplify the once voiceless among us." —Christianity Today

"...an unforgettable memoir..eye-opening, powerfully written, and offers a vital perspective in the conversation about fundamentalism and religious abuse." —Jason Boyett, author of 'O Me of Little Faith'

"There is life on every page. 'Girl at the End of the World' is evidence that sometimes our scars make the most beautiful art." —Josh James Riebock, author of 'Heroes and Monsters'



"Spiritual Sobriety offers a provocative and insightful counterbalance to the indulgent emotionalism that characterizes much of modern religious experience. Drawing from experts, everyday people and her own story of religious addiction, Elizabeth Esther points helpfully toward the line between holding religious beliefs and using them. Spiritual Sobriety isn't just for religion addicts. It's for everyone." —Karen Swallow Prior, Ph.D., author of Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me and Fierce Convictions—the extraordinary life of Hannah More: Poet, Reformer Abolitionist."

"With her usual humor, candor and unflinching honesty, Elizabeth Esther shares powerful insights that will resonate with seekers of all backgrounds." —Jennifer Fulwiler, radio host and bestselling author of "Something Other Than God."



I grew up inside a homegrown Christian fundamentalist church–which is a nice way of saying I'm classically trained in apocalyptic stockpiling, street preaching, and the King James Version of the Bible. I know hundreds of obscure nineteenth-century hymns by heart and have such razor sharp "modesty vision" that I can spot a miniskirt a mile away. Verily, verily I say unto thee, none of these highly specialized skills ever got me a job, but at least I'm all set for the end of the world. Selah.

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In 2006, I began blogging as a way to deconstruct my life inside a fundamentalist cult. Old posts are available by clicking on the ARCHIVES button at the top of this page.

Now that I’ve written a book about my experiences inside fundamentalism, my blog is evolving. These days, my writing is primarily focused on recovery, embracing mystery and living with an open heart. All new blog entries are available by clicking on the JOURNAL button at the top of this page. If you were subscribed to my "old blog's RSS" feed, you will need to RE-SUBSCRIBE to the JOURNAL RSS in order to receive new posts. To receive the quarterly "EE-Letter" which contains separate content, please sign up via the email box on the sidebar.

Today I live in Southern California with my husband and our five children. My days are full of writing, painting and reading. I love rescue dogs, good books, rainy days, running and long walks in nature. My literary agent is Rachelle Gardner of Books and Such Literary.

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My other writing credentials include writing a column for the Orange County Register. My published articles have appeared in Mothering Magazine, Orange Coast Magazine and the Orange County Register. I’ve also written pieces for (in)courage, and Faith&Family. I was a contributing blogger/vlogger for OCFamily.com where I posted short, humorous videos about stuff like why Daddies are rockstars and Mommies are losers. I wrote the foreword for this book and this book.

I also write on parenting topics like my prestigious job as Chief Executive Butt Wiper to my battle with depression/PPD. I’ve written about the challenges of raising my super-hero ADHD son and why taking time to dither and fritter is not wasted time.

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Orange Coast Magazine, April 2009, My OC Column: “Love Unleashed” [avail. in print only]

Mothering Magazine: March/April 2010, Art of Mothering Column, “The Purple Princess Boy Bike”