Photos by Jennifer Imus.

Photos by Jennifer Imus.


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I am available to speak on the following topics:

  • You Are Already Free: how God heals our will, heart and faith after a traumatic church experience
  • Catholics & Evangelicals: ideas for bridging what divides us, solutions for increased understanding and Christian unity
  • Fundamentalism is Everywhere: how to spot it, how to engage it, how to heal it
  • The Fundamentalist Within: learning to embrace imperfection, lean into discomfort and develop empathy for oneself and others
  • Spiritual Abuse: What is it? How can churches avoid it? How churches can provide safe, healing places for victims of spiritual abuse.
  • How to Cult-Proof Your Children
  • Signs & Symptoms of Unhealthy Churches: the danger of personality-centric leadership structures and vital need for accountability and financial oversight.

Book & Product Review

Mailing Address: I enjoy sharing things I like with my readers. If you have a book or product you’d like me to consider for review, please send to the address below. Note: I read and try everything but only write reviews for the books and products I enjoy. 

Elizabeth Esther
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