How Hillary Is Getting It Wrong

If Hillary is the pinnacle of feminist achievement, then feminists must be shaking their fists at the oppressive patriarchal society once again. What they should be doing is asking: why are we losing the woman vote?

What happened is this: the children of the feminists came of age. We grew up latch-key kids whose moms abandoned us in day-care because Mommy's career was more important. We were the kids whose parents divorced, whose brothers and sisters were aborted, who were forbidden to pray in school. We listened to the feminist professors rant in college classrooms against patriarchal societies. We were told not to rely on a stupid man because all men were cheating, lying bastards.

But what the feminists forgot was this: we didn't want it all. We just wanted our Moms and Dads to stay together. We wouldn't have minded sharing a room if it meant our brothers and sisters weren't aborted. And whether or not the society was patriarchal was beside the point. We just wanted Dad in our lives.

Granted, GenX isn't the only demographic voting. In fact, we're notorious for not showing up at the polls. But maybe that's because we're just plain sick of Our Parents' Politics.

Which is to say, we're sick of the strident brand of extreme feminism Hillary Clinton represents.

Listening to Hillary Clinton speak/shriek is almost as bad as listening to your parents fight. You don't care who is right, you just want it to stop.

And while I'm thankful for the work of early feminists: equal pay for equal work, the right to vote, the right to own property; I couldn't be more different than the modern feminist who belittles my choice to be a stay-at-home mom.

Some of us would like to stay home without being made to feel like we're betraying the sisterhood of feminists. Some of us don't want to bring home the bacon and fry it, too. Some of us are quite happy to rely on a man to provide. Some of us would like to raise our own children.

Ultimately, the choice between Hillary & Barack isn't about policy. It's that we've seen the shrill, scorned woman hiding beneath Hillary's I'll-Work-Hard-For-You-On-Day-One-Mask.

And it freaks us out. We just want it to stop.