Mommy Warrior.

When mother and father forsook me
my Daddy took me in.
When my screams were silenced
my Daddy heard me.

When babies like me were thrown away
my Daddy treasured us on that scary day.

My Daddy has listened to our cries
rising up before Him,
an ocean of grief.

My Daddy is sending a Mommy
to stop our tidal wave of tears
My Daddy sending a a Mommy
to soothe away our fears.

My Daddy gave this Mommy one of us
to show the world how beautiful we are.

This Mommy, she's strong and brave and true
she doesn't care what people say
she knows what she has to do.

This Mommy knows we were supposed to live
that's why she's the best.
She knows we wanted to find our home
at our Mommies' breast.

Because even though we love our Daddy
we were meant to live

we were meant to live

even for just one day.

Elizabeth Esther, 9/4/08
dedicated to Sarah Palin

[to honor the silent memory of millions of aborted children, comments are closed]

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