A Morning in Bed

"Can you play with me?" Jude loves to ask.

"Yes!" I love to answer.

So we haul a box full of plastic farm animals and Little People up onto my bed. We begin to play.

"Hey, Farmer Joe," shouts Jude (as the cow).
"Yes, Jude?"
"Call me cow."
"Oh, Ok. Yes, cow?"
"The fence is broken." He knocks over the plastic fence.
"Uh-oh. Who could have done that, cow?" I ask.
"The stinky dino. He's always doing that stuff."
"Oh, I see."
"Get your car, Farmer Joe. We need to fix that fence."

Jtlayonbed So Farmer Joe and cow go trundling through the bedcovers. We make a hill with the duvet and prop the fence against it. We peer over the edge of the bed at stinky dino lying on the floor.

Finally, we are all tuckered out. We curl up together to read Jude's favorite book: Officer Buckle & Gloria.