O Christmas Trees?!

Christmastree06_1 We spent most of Saturday decking the halls, the bannister, the shrubbery, the eves (aka gutters), and snapping together annoying little plastic pieces.

James & Jewel attached the ornament hooks while Jude ran around in circles, "CanIhelp? CanIhelp? CanIhelp?"

Matt lined them up and one by one they hung the ornaments according to Mommy's designing eye. Matt, surprise designer that he is, suggested we do a Themed Tree this year (ie. let's not pull out every single ornament we own). I suffered a momentary attack of nostalgia: what about Jude's First Christmas ornament? What about the plastic beaded angel Jewel made for me in Kindergarten?

Matt's answer: A second tree?

How did we get to this place? Four years ago I would have never guessed we'd be discussing the merits of a Second Christmas Tree. We have the First Tree (aka Pretty Tree) proudly displayed in the living room.

Is it time for Nostalgia Tree (aka Ugly Tree?) to make it's debut? The tree where the kids get to go hog wild, hanging past years' ornaments wily nily with nary a thought for elegance, balance, design?

Maybe. Later. Right now I need a tall drink...of eggnog.