After many attempts....

This is the best I could do. I am not a pro (obviously). I can use a point-n-shoot! I can assemble matching outfits! I can use Pretty Tree as the background!

Dearly Beloved Matt uploaded and tinkered with things like saturation and what-not. I watched and shouted non-helpful hints from the side lines. I've always been an excellent back-seat driver.

And this, my friends, is Le Christmas Photo 2006. Watch for it in your mail-boxes. If I stay on schedule, I should mail it out early next week.

And now...the Real Question; to wit, shall I write the Annual Henderson Update and include it in this year's card?

Let's be honest, here. The Annual Update is more aptly titled: Shameless Bragging About My Children's Accomplishments In 2006.

Shall I just slap on ye olde photo and mail the blasted bugger off sans shameless bragging? That seems more decent, really.

Let's take a poll! Cast your vote via comment or email!