If 3 kids are a crowd, 5 kids are a...?

Circus, baby!!

And a fun-filled one, at that.

I watched my sister's two girls this weekend. Her 2 + My 3=5 Lessons Learned from having 5 kids this weekend.

1. Have crafts readily available & easy to reach. “Go color” was my favorite phrase this weekend.

2. Rotations, Rotations, Rotations. Follow a schedule alternating between free-play, structured play, eating, cleaning up, napping, repeat.

3. Create assembly lines. This works for meals, baths, potty, sharing of toys.

4. Take 5 kids, multiply by 2 different stories each about who was at fault for wrecking the tent. Count ‘em: 10 different stories. Fairness is: everyone is to blame. Therefore, everyone rebuilds the tent.

5. Five is not that much more difficult than three. Ok...I could get used to this.