2007 Word of the Year: SMALL

Pict0014_1I believe in the power of SMALL things.

Taking my sons to the local strawberry fields to experience the ubridled joy of a freshly picked, lusciously juicy strawberry.

Packing my daughter's lunch everyday instead of having her eat cafeteria food.

Being present in even the smallest of my children's daily moments.

Washing my sheets with bleach (even though it's an extra step) because my husband so loves the "clean smell."

Remembering birthdays.

Saying "thank you" to everyone who helps me load my groceries into the car, serves me at a restaurant, washes my car, pays me a compliment, or simply smiles at me.

Being grateful for each and every single day God gives me.

Volunteering at the children's school.

Volunteering for the children's sports activities.

These are small things, little things. But sometimes isn't it harder to give up the small thing? It seems that it's easier to make the grand, noble sacrifice. There's something heroic & purposeful about The Big Sacrifice. People notice The Big Sacrifice. They applaud you.

But the small things? The small things usually go unnoticed. And yet, this is exactly why the small things are so powerful.

For me, true love is found in the small things, the quiet things, the nearly invisible things.

This year, 2007, it is my goal to live a SMALL life. To not bother myself with worrying about what kind of Big Sacrifice might be required of me, but to live with intention and attention to even the smallest of things.

"...do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God..." Micah 6:8