Bonus Points!

Pict0001_2The Mateo came up with this idea for positive reinforcement. We wanted a way to reward the children for good behavior, and also add a tangible goal for them to work toward.

We call it Bonus Points. For example, if James manages to control his talkativeness at school and receives a good report from his teacher, he gets to add three bonus points to his glass.

If Jewel helps me with extra work around the house, she can earn Bonus Points.

Likewise, we subtract Bonus Points for poor behavior. Each child has some behavior he/she is working on.

It's amazing how something as simple as pebbles in a glass can be such tangible motivators for the children. They get so excited when they are rewarded with their points. And having to subtract pebbles from their glass is equally disappointing.

James & Jewel in particular are at the age where they understand the concept of there being direct consequences for their actions & choices.

At the end of each week they "cash in" their Bonus Points for real money which they can save in their piggy banks, or spend as they see fit. It will be interesting to see who will be the Saver and who will be the Spender! I have my ideas, but we shall see....

Today is the first "cash in" so we'll see what happens!