Life, Death and Jet-Packs

One of my favorite LSS's is closing it's doors. Well, it was my favorite LSS until a big corporate entity came along, gobbled it up and spat out a supposedly new, improved version. It was the same store in some ways---my friends still attended the crops. But it was dying, and we all sort of knew it.

Tomorrow is their last day. Today I wandered in for one last time. 60% off of the last few things remaining. All the shelving was gone. The store was barren except for three tables. I felt a wave of nostalgia. I'd spent many Tuesday & Wednesday nights there, cropping, laughing, loving new product, making new friends.

I purchased some ribbon, because you can never have enough ribbon. I took one last look and walked out. It seems like the only constant in life is change.

And change seems to be just a series of little deaths. We've said goodbye to a lot of things & people in the last few years.

I went to pick up the boys from school. It's Jude's birthday on Sunday. As we were walking to the car I asked him what he wanted for his birthday.

"How about a Jet-Pack?" he chirped.

There it was, that little spot of joy. The smiles are in the little things, the details.