Img_0788His mercies are new every morning.

Still feeling physically weak, but the Lord renewed my spiritual strength.

Right after I wrote that post last night, I got a phone call. The woman from the denominational church we've been attending wanted to drop by with a plate of cookies. I was like: um..ok.

She was a very kind person and even though I'm leery of the whole "churchy" thing--she was so genuine & down-to-earth that she truly won me over.

And her timing was impeccable. Or maybe it was God's timing? Maybe He knew that I just needed a little reassurance last night.

We spent 4 years at Calvary Chapel and no-one ever called, not to mention deliver baked goods. When Matt's step-mom died  in a car accident this past December, it was our Mormon neighbors who brought us food.

This is not to criticise Calvary Chapel. CC was perfect for us when we were seeking anonymity & healing four years ago. CC was a private, quiet oasis for us.

But now we're ready for community, again. We need community. Our kids need it more than we do.

Honestly, it's terrifying. We've been burned before. It's difficult to be vulnerable when you're afraid of being hurt again.

I just keep reminding myself that He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.

And perfect love casts out fear, right?

p.s. thanks to all of you who left comments and wrote emails. Your words touch me.