Decluttering Is Like A Good Sinus Flush


"I think I've developed a severe allergy to clutter," The Mateo said as we emerged unscathed (read: no money spent) from one of those cutesy, cluttery, country-ish stores.

To him, clutter is like mucus. It keeps him from breathing freely. To me, clutter is like coffee--- cozy, comforting, a socially accepted addiction.

Thus, we had a problem. My clutter was beginning to look more like mucus and less like coffee. My clutter was no longer cute in that country-store kind of way. It was freaky in that oh-my-gosh-how-can-they-live-like-that-Oprah-show kind of way.

My bedroom desk, in particular, had become (to demote the analogy to 13 year old boy grossness) a massive mucus factory of clutter. Nay, a veritable sinus infection of clutter!

The desk had been rendered unusable by several years worth of heedless dumping. To call it a desk was itself a misnomer. Desk connotes productivity, organization, a certain Jeffersonian flair of a life well-lived. This was no desk. This was...well, I'll spare you any further bodily function analogies.

Furthermore, the desk clutter was beginning to play havoc on my soul. It's this crazy mind trick that happens when you accumulate too much stuff and have nowhere to put it. You begin to think you need a bigger house, more storage space. The dear little home you once cherished begins looking remarkably shabby.

I found myself growing discontent. I had relinquished my desk to the clutter monster and just opening the drawers made me feel depressed.

The cure, I discovered, was not in pining for a bigger home, or more storage space. The cure, dear reader, was getting rid of the clutter!

Not a revolutionary discovery, I know. I've never been what they call a quick learner.

But I determined to flush the clutter. If you haven't experienced the sheer liberty, the gleeful sense of accomplishment that results in a thorough clutter flush, be ye not afraid! Attack said clutter with a passion! Defy the mind tricks and blast those havoc wreaking bastions called Too Much Stuff.

Your soul will thank you. Or at least, your spouse will.

Here is my newly flushed desk, with one of the neatly organized drawers exposed for all to see! Now I need further inspiration to attack the other Bastions De Clutter throughout my house. What areas of your house need a Clutter Flush?  What is clutter to you--a traffic jam? A sinus infection? How do you get inspired to De-clutter? Please share! :0)