Did I Do It All Backwards?!!

Apparently, I've set myself up for certain disaster!

Young. Mother of three. College educated, married and a stay-at-home-mom.

Worst part? No career.

I did it all backwards. I should have become financially independent with a successful career first, then stuck the kiddos in daycare so I wouldn't run the serious financial risk of being....[insert horror music]

...reliant upon a man!!!! [insert blood-curdling scream]

Well, that's the general idea behind Leslie Bennetts' new book, The Feminine Mistake. At least, that's what the reviews on Amazon say. Because you know, why buy the book when you can read the reviews for free? Mwa-ha-ha.

Maybe it would be responsible of me to have a Plan B--just in case (God forbid) The Mateo keels over unexpectedly?

But when do I have time to formulate said plan? I have a mountain o' laundry to tackle, dinner dishes to wash, bedtime stories to read, children to raise! Not to mention, blogging!

Oh well. Disaster may loom, but I'll go down knowing I did what I loved: I raised my own children. Ain't no paycheck fat enough to trade that in.

Best part?

I have 3 Plan Bs: they kiss me every morning and call me Mommy!

what do you think? please share. feel free to disagree!