Do you like American Idol?

I've never liked American Idol. In fact, I don't like TV much at all. I grew up without a TV and once we did get one (when I was 26), I was appalled at the absolute drivel pouring into my living room.

And I'm not talking about the commercials.

There have been a few exceptions. I do enjoy The Office and Lost, but only in a periphery sort of way.

Soaps? Complete trash. Programming for kids? Idiocy.

The only redeeming quality of TV is that we have Dish DVR which lets us pummel through the commercials shrieking, "Take that, you big, fat advertisers!"

Maybe it's just that I was spoiled as a young child by too many good books. Once you develop a passion for reading, TV feels like a waste of time.

Which brings me back to American Idol. The Mateo enjoys American Idol and so I have been compelled to watch it with him. I usually get up half-way through the show in absolute disgust and go do something more productive.

The point is, I hope Sanjaya wins (I can't believe I know his name) because then maybe I will stop hearing: "No, really, it's a singing contest!" No, it's not. It's a middle-school popularity contest and it always has been.

Am I wrong here? Do you like American Idol? Or any TV shows, for that matter---and why? Please discuss!