10 Things I've Observed While Church-Hunting

10. Ask a Catholic to give you a brief summary of the book of Acts, and you'll get a blank stare. They do, however, know the Lord's Prayer.

9. Ask an evangelical to say the Lord's Prayer and they'll remind you that this is "vain repetition." They can,  however, offer you a brief summary of the book of Acts.

8. Ask a Lutheran why they're Lutheran and they'll say they were born that way.

7. Lutherans & Catholics aren't legalistic about drinking. Most evangelicals don't touch the stuff.

6. Evangelicals get married younger and have bigger families. Lutherans get married later and have smaller families. Catholics get married and just don't tell their priest they're using birth control.

5. Catholics go to confession where a priest forgives them of their sins. Lutherans confess in church on Sunday. Evangelicals confess to themselves everyday.

4. It's best to avoid churches where the primary sermon topic is why that church is the best.

3. If you show up in a T-shirt and flip-flops and are still treated kindly, chances are you've found a good church.

2. Churches that take more than one offering per service need to have their books examined.

1. There's no such thing as a perfect church.

[p.s. 3 people, (including my own husband!), have asked me if i wrote this myself. crazy as it may sound, i DID create the above list. it's always a good thing when you continue to surprise your own husband--keeps it interesting, i say! copyright Elizabeth Esther. lol!]