A Letter To The L.A. Times

This past Sunday, I read a chilling opinion article in the L.A. Times. Dan Neil's "The Abortion Debate Brought Home"  was a terrifying example of the casual disregard for human life so abhorrent to Pro-Lifers like myself. The following is a letter I sent to the L.A. Times this morning. I doubt it will be published, and even if it is, perhaps it will be edited to convey a meaning I did not intend. I post it here in it's original form:

It is ironic that Mr. Neil can acknowledge the “gruesomeness” of any abortive practice, and yet feel no remorse after watching his own sons’ hearts cease beating. Instead, he saves his righteous indignation for the ban on partial birth abortion. His use of language is remarkable inasmuch as it euphemizes the practice. To Mr. Neil it’s “dispatch[ing]” a “fetus,” not murdering a live baby. And yes, in cases of murder, the government does intrude because despite what Mr. Neil may think, murder is not a “private and personal decision.”

I oppose abortion for the same reasons Mother Teresa opposed it: human life is sacred and there can never be peace for all until we insure the safety of our most helpless ones. Mr. Neil’s sons were, tragically, denied that safety and instead “dispatched” to join the millions of nameless human beings whose silence will one day demand a reckoning.

[caveat to my blog readers: I realize this is an emotionally charged issue and also it is a departure from my usual 'mommy-blog' topics. As a mother, I felt compelled to write in defense of what I believe are helpless human beings, chiefly unborn children. It is not my intent to offend or judge any of my readers who may have a different perspective.]