Week 7: Cravings & Ravings

Week 7. Ok, now I feel [in the immortal words of Donkey from Shrek 3] "all exposed and nasty!" On Sunday I just barely kept back the vomit---lots of gagging and vigorous gum-chewing going on.

I can't drink coffee! This is tragic. I love coffee. Nothing cheers me up more than that first morning cup.

And now, the very smell of it sends me gagging into the kitchen sink. O, how my love hath betrayed me! As a result, I have been crashing down from my caffeine addiction which, in combination with the nausea, has made me an oh-so-fun person to be around these past few days.

Pregnancy hormones have rendered me so emotional, someone oughta hire me as a reviewer for Hallmark commercials: I'd cry all the way through.

I watched Pride & Prejudice this weekend (for like the 20th time) and got all choked up whenever Mr. Darcy entered the scene. That last bit where he comes walking through the morning fog toward Elizabeth Bennett? Kills me every time.

"You must...you must know it was all for you," he says. "You have bewitched me body and soul."

And Elizabeth Bennett takes his hand and kisses it. "Your hands are cold," she says.

"You make me hot," is what I would have said to Mr. Darcy, but then again, subtlety has never been my strong suit.

Instead, I just bawled my way through the whole dang movie and then cried about the loss of chivalry, the fine art of handwritten letters, and the overdevelopment of open land. I wailed to The Mateo: "Why can't I live in the country, wear long dresses and go for long, morning rambles through the meadows whilst reading a lovely book?"

Yes, I am definitely, positively up-a-creek pregnant. The only thing that can make it better is a hot dog with saurkraut, mustard and a big ol' dollop of sour cream. And since I can't just inject caffeine into my arm, add an ice-tea to that order.

P.S. Several of you have written me saying you've had trouble posting comments on my blog? I need an accurate head-count so I can notify Typepad. If you're having trouble posting a comment, email me and I'll see what I can do. Thanks! E.