How Do You Climb The Mountain?


In the middle of that red box is a black speck. That speck is a climber. Using my zoom lens, I was able to spot him, but I wasn't able to post that pic here--my computer wouldn't save the ultra zoomed image.

Just to give you some perspective, here's what he was climbing:

Img_2944_2 It boggles my mind to consider what it takes to climb this granite monstrosity. And yet, like many of the experiences we had in Yosemite, I find it a fitting metaphor for my own life.

Each experience I have, I ask: what am I to learn from this?

We saw this climber on El Capitan just before Jude took his horrifying fall into the river.

When Jude was screaming for help, Daddy was there in a moment to save him. Later, Jude said: "I was drowning, but Daddy saved me."

Falling into the river was Jude's impossible mountain: he knew without a doubt that he needed rescuing.

How many times have I been stuck on my own mountain, perhaps hanging precariously and knowing I need help. And when I have called out to God, He's been right there.

"I will never leave you, nor forsake you," the Lord promises us. It's hard to believe that when you're facing an impossible mountain.

And yet, the Lord has never let me fall too far.

When the church I grew up in collapsed after my own grandfather (and founder of the church) was exposed as a liar and adulterer, I felt like I was plumeting off a cliff. The sense of betrayal was like hearing all your ropes unraveling and snapping around you. I went into a terrible free-fall.

For awhile, I couldn't even cry out to God, I was so scared and confused. But even then, even then, He had me in the palm of His hand.

It took awhile, but slowly, gently, quietly, He drew me back to safety. There are still times when I find it's hard to trust Him. I look up at the looming granite face above me and ask: how can I ever climb it?

And yet, somehow, each day I wake up and take the next step. And the next. His grace is sufficient. I know He has the ropes in His hands.

And He'll never let me go.

So, what is your mountain, and how do you climb it?