A Ballet & A Baby

Img_3439We spent a beautiful summer evening at the ballet Wednesday night. The American Ballet Theatre is in town performing "The Sleeping Beauty" at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. It was absolutely stunning!

It was the children's first formal evening theatre experience and they behaved so nicely! Jewel & James sat with rapt attention through the entire performance.

Jude made it through the first half and after the intermission, he and I stayed in the lobby where he fell asleep on my lap as I watched the rest of the show on a monitor.

Even The Mateo, not exactly your avid ballet fan, was impressed by the sheer athleticism of the male dancers.

"That one guy was crankin' the leaps," he said afterwards. "He was awesome. He caught some major air on those leap-things."

It was such a great experience for our family--Jewel wants to go back to ballet classes, James wants to attend another show and Jude, he just liked the snacks.

And yesterday, we went to the OB/GYN!

We heard one strong, beautiful heartbeat! The children were with me and their eyes grew so big when they heard the baby's heartbeat!

"How many is it?" James asked.

"How many do you want?" the nurse asked, laughing.

"Two!" James & Jewel said in unison.

"Well, I hear just one, but the ultrasound will tell us for sure," the nurse said.

Everything else looked good. The blood-work is fine, my blood pressure is good, and I haven't gained any weight since my last visit. Total weight gain thus far? 3 lbs! Yay!