Dude, it's like summer!

Yeah, there's traffic. Yeah, there's crowds. Yeah, we got earthquakes.

But dude this is Southern California and do you know what perfect smells like? It smells like Sex Wax on a surfboard, the salty spray in the air, hot dogs from the snack shack. Perfect looks like a sick set of waves rolling in at The Wedge, skim boarders flipping off the lip of a shore break, sunbathers stretched out on the sand, kids shrieking in the white water.

California is in my blood, the ocean is ingrained in my DNA. And nothing makes me happier than a day at an OC beach.

July hits SoCal and I'm all about the flip-flops, a cute little cover-up, sand under my feet and the ocean flowing through my hair.

And now that I've hit 12 weeks (yay!), the nausea is gone and I've got a cute little baby bump so next week we're hitting the beach like every day!

The only question is: bikini, tankini or one-piece?