Pour Me A Tall Glass of Sinatra

3pm. It's Mommy's Witching Hour. Mommy is tired and cranky. The kids are energetic and bored.

What's a preggo Mommy to do?

Why, put the children to work, of course! James scoops doggy-poop outside, Jewel tidies the living room, Jude hustles up and down the stairs returning toys to their proper place.

Mommy cranks up the Frank Sinatra and whips through some dishes while singing at the top of her voice: "I've got youuuuuuu under my skiiiiiiiinnnnn!!!"

Jewel loads the dryer and starts a new load in the washing machine. James sweeps the kitchen floor. Jude is still working on the toys.

And somehow, Sinatra works his magic. The house gets cleaned, the children aren't bored anymore, and Mommy feels the weight float off her shoulders.

She does a few twirls with the broomstick and glances at the clock. The Witching Hour has passed.

Now, what shall she cook for dinner?