24 Weeks: Seeing Their Faces

Exp003Went in for another ultrasound last Friday. I'll be going every two weeks now. I call it "visiting the babies."

Everything is still looking great. My cervical length was 3cm--which was good.

The babies weight 1 lb. 3ozs. and 1 lb. 4ozs. respectively.

Baby A is lying on my right side in breech position. Baby B is lying on my left side in breech, also. No wonder my bladder has been taking a beating! Four little feet are kicking my bladder and cervix all the live-long day!

And then the technician was able to catch their faces. I caught my  breath. Baby B was making facial expressions, scrunching up her nose, pursing her lips. I almost began to cry as I felt the strongest urge to hold them, kiss them, smell their sweet little heads!

Suddenly, one of the babies caught the hiccups and the technician showed me her chest, hiccuping up and down. I wanted to just reach in there and pat her back.

But for now, I'll have to settle for seeing their faces "as through a glass, darkly." Soon, it will be face-to-face!