Happy Halloween, Now Help Me Name These Babies!


See the cross-eyed look on our pumpkin's face?

That's how I feel about naming these babies.

We have been through the entire Strong's Concordance searching for a Biblical "J" name to go with our "J" theme.  [In case you don't read here often, we already have a Jewel, James & Jude].

I am OK with the names we've chosen, but I'm not thrilled. Unless we can come up with two non- "J" names we like better, the twins will be named:

Jasiel & Jade.

Jasiel [pronounced: JAHS-e-el] means "strength of God" or "created by God" and Jade is, obviously, jade. A precious stone.

I've tried to break free from the "J" theme, mainly to save my tongue from stammering "j-j-j" whenever I want to call one of my children. I've suggested everything from Selah Rose & Ella Rain to Eva Joy & Eleora Grace.

Matt has poo-poo'd them all.

So, I beseech you, my blog readers & lurkers, inspire me!

One rule only: no rhyming names [ie. Holly & Molly]. Other than that, my pregnancy-addled brain is open to any and all suggestions!

What NON-J-names would you give our twin baby girls?