Update: Cyst Dissolved!!

Just got word from my new OB (boy, are they fast!): baby B's cyst has dissolved; there was no cyst to be found at the 23 week ultrasound, everything looks good!!! YAY! Thank you, Lord!

Also, I passed my glucose tolerance test---no gestational diabetes--yay hurray!

Labs did show that I am anemic (which might account for the exaggerated exhaustion, y' think?), so I will be starting iron supplements pronto.

I must say: I was overwhelmed with gratitude at the words of encouragement I received from all my readers, both in the comment box and via email. In the past week I've had so many people tell me that they're praying for me and the babies. It's been truly humbling, I totally don't deserve it and yet, I'm so thankful for it!

I never imagined that sharing my life on a blog would result in connecting with such kind friends as you all have been. You guys rock!

Thanks to each and everyone of you!