1. For the twins who now weigh 4.4 lbs. and 4.5 lbs. respectively and are still cookin' along.

2. A Thanksgiving dinner I didn't have to cook but still got to enjoy. Thanks, Mom!

3. My three children who daily challenge me to be a better mom, a more sincere Christian and who overwhelm me with their unconditional love.

4. My husband who thinks having a hobby means playing with his kids, and who never, ever complains about having to work hard to provide for his five children (and me!).

5. My bed--the sweetest, softest, most pillowy place on Earth.

6. My blog for allowing me a creative writing outlet and for my dear blog readers who make me SO happy every day with their comments, emails and generosity of spirit. Many blessings to all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!