Listening In My Sleep

"Once upon a time there was a little Storm Trooper," Jude begins, poking his plastic Lego Storm Trooper out onto the mini puppet stage. He's got the whole thing set up on my bed.

"Do you like this story?" he asks.

"Yes, keep going," I say, from beneath the covers.

"So the little Storm Trooper was walking around the Death Star."

A pause. I open my eyes.

"Mommy, it's OK if you want to close your eyes while I do this show. I know you're still listening."

I could learn a thing or two from this generous boy. Matt used to tell me: I'm listening to you talk even if my eyes are closed.

I never believed him. I could use a little of Jude's compassion, especially in these blurry, post-partum days when we're falling asleep wherever and whenever we can.

We just need T-shirts that say: Yeah, I'm asleep. But I'm totally here for you.