When Did She Grow Up?

Img_4824Last night I had one of those crazy moments where I realized my older children have been growing and changing without me knowing it.

Jewel performed in her Ballet Christmas Recital last night and when Grandma brought home the photos, I was amazed.

When did my Jewel grow up? How did this happen before my very eyes and I was not aware of it?

One of the worries I have as a mother of many children is that there will not be enough time or attention to go around. I do my best to spend time with them, I don't work so I can be here for them and yet...I missed something.

My eldest is becoming a graceful, elegant dancer and I have been so focused on bringing my twins into the world that I didn't see it happen.

Until last night. There she was, a sparkling Jewel, full of quiet grace and elegant beauty.

Is she really only 8? Has the time gone that quickly? Am I really missing these moments with her?

Perhaps there is nothing like motherhood to remind us how quickly life passes, how fleeting are these moments. One day you open your eyes and your baby is all grown up.

One day your baby doesn't need you. One day your baby comes home and announces that she's the best dancer in her class and you wonder why you never knew it.

"Baby, I'm sorry I couldn't attend your recital," I told her.

"Oh, Mommy, that's OK. I understand. You needed to take care of cute little Jasi."

One day you realize that while you may not be able to do everything, you do what you can and somehow, somehow, it is enough.