Mommy Needs A Rest.

Img_2041It's going to be 70+ degrees and beautiful this weekend in SoCal.

We're pulling the older kids out of school, packing up the twins and spending the weekend playing at the beach.

Mommy has a bad case of cabin fever and there's no better antidote than a long walk on the sand. I need to see the ocean, feel the salty breezes and listen to the crashing waves.

I feel like a hollow gourd, with my shriveled soul rattling around inside like a dried up seed.

I need a Sabbath day of rest. Just some time to pause, to think, to reflect. I want to pray, gaze out at the ocean's distant horizon and offer up a few simple words of worship.

Taking moments of rest is necessary. In my readings through Leviticus and now Numbers, I am seeing that God commands His people to rest, to keep the Sabbath day holy, to take time to turn their hearts and minds toward Him. We can't do this when we're working,working,working all the time.

This is my thought and prayer for you, as well. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing this weekend--I hope you take some time to pause. To stop. To rest. I know it's difficult to make that time, especially as busy mommies. But we need this. Find a special spot (even if it's just your bathroom--with the door closed!) to stop and rest.

Have a blessed, restful weekend.