Weekend Plans

Img_5509Another weekend has arrived and not a minute too soon.

I've worked hard, I've done my best, I'm completely spent.

I'm going to have a glass of wine and a few laughs, an uninterrupted conversation with my husband. I'm going to snuggle up in bed and play with the babies without worrying about the laundry.

I'm going to drink hot coffee and eat fresh blueberry scones from the bakery across the street.

I'm going to church to offer a simple sacrifice of praise to the One who kept me, guided me and loved me this week.

I'm going to play with my children. We'll make popcorn (with butter!) and hunker down on the couch together. I'll tell them another episode of Captain Rigatoni and his Golden Eagle. Perhaps the Giant Turtle will chase us up the stairs, again.

I'm glad it's the weekend. What are you doing this weekend? Do share!