Just Another Manic Wednesday

I don't know why Wednesday. But Wednesday it is.

On Wednesday I want to adopt a false identity and run away to Costa Rica never to be heard from again.

On Wednesday I wonder why life is so hard and if it only gets harder, what's the point of wanting to live until 80?

On Wednesday I wonder if 5:30 is too early to put the kids to bed.

On Wednesday I wonder if 10am is too early for margaritas.

On Wednesday, I find myself counting the minutes until Daddy gets home.

On Wednesday, there's no pretending. I'm not Super Mom. I am a frail, sinful human being, desperately in need of Savior. Today.

On Wednesday, I force myself to count my blessings.

On Wednesday, I cry.

On Wednesday, I say: In all things, give thanks.

On Wednesday, I go to bed and thank Him for another Wednesday.