Look Who's Talking: The Twins!

Img_5688"Good morning, Jorai!"


"I'm Jasie."

"I know who you are, silly. You sat on my head for eight months."

"Is that why you kept hitting my butt?"

"Yep. I was trying to get you off my head!"

"You know, I did finally flip over."

"Yeah, like two days before we were born."

"I'm sorry, Jorie. Can we still be friends?"Img_5697
"Um, sure. Can you take your fist off my neck first?"

"Oh, sorry. That was supposed to be a love-pat. I'm not too coordinated yet."

"Oops! Neither am I!"

"That's OK, Jorie! Now we're even."

"Thanks, Jasie. But....waaaah! I want Mommy!"

"Hee hee. Jorie, you look funny when you cry!"

"Not funny, Jasie. Waaaah! I want my Mommy!

"I want my Mommy, too!"

"Ok, let's do what we always do. Let's cry together!"