Mr. Potato Head Prepares For Battle

Jude is trucking up and down the stairs.

Between trips, he informs me of his nefarious plans.

"There's a war," he explains. "I've gotta set it all up."

I'm nursing one of the babies, watching him.

"Do you think a Storm Trooper could be on the good side?" he asks.

"I thought Storm Troopers were from The Dark Side," I answer.

"Well, yeah, but...can this Storm Trooper be good just today?"


He sets up two rows of various action figures, plastic dinosaurs and then---

"Oh, I gotta get Mr. Potato Head! He wants to help the good side!"

Mr. Potato Head is brought downstairs. Jude works at the parts and pieces for awhile.

"MOM! I can't get his butt to stay on!"

Mr. Potato Head's bottom piece, the one that keeps all the pieces inside, is not staying in place.

"Monsieur Po-tay-toe 'ead eez 'aving twouble wis eez bottohm?" I say, in my very poor French accent.

Jude cackles hysterically. "Yeah, keep doing his voice that way."

"Vwhat eez dee pwoblem wis my bottohm?"

Jude is almost falling over he's laughing so hard. We go on like this for awhile as I help Jude attach Mr. P's bottom.

I go back to nursing the baby. Jude lines everyone up for battle. A moment later, Mr. P has lost his bottom again.

Nothing like going off to war half-assed.