Bible In A Year Update 3: I'm A Failure!

Honestly, what was I thinking?!

I can hardly squeeze a shower in, let alone eat a meal. How in the WORLD did I imagine I was going to read the entire Bible this year?

But that's me. I always get in waaaaaay over my head. It's embarrassing.

I still think reading the Bible in a year is a grand idea. IF you didn't just give birth to twins!

Will you forgive me if I graciously bow out? I mean, here I was, trying to gulp down like three chapters while eating cereal, or speed-reading through five chapters while breastfeeding a baby. So, sure, I could technically (that's my word for this week, can't you tell?) finish the Bible in a year. But just doing it for the sake of being able to say: yeah, I did it in a year! Blech.

But here's the thing: I'm not giving up entirely. All I'm saying is....I won't be finishing it THIS year. I see this as a 2 year endeavor.

Maybe 3 years.

So this is me, real mom again, admitting that I can't do everything. Can you hear me now?