The Twins: 5 Months!!

Img_6674Dear Twins,

Daddy and I have this joke about you two. I'll walk into a room and say to Daddy,

"Oh, you have a baby, too?"

He'll laugh and say, "Yeah, you have one, too?"

But really, having two babies seems pretty normal now: change two diapers, powder two bottoms, make two bottles. I never thought it would happen, but I have adapted to having two babies at once.

You're both sleeping well at night which means I'm a sane human being in the morning. Well, most mornings.

People still gives us strange looks when we tell them your names. Sorry about that. I think strange looks are going to be your fate in life. People just don't know how to handle the unexpected. Every time I say your names, I feel like I have to give an apologetic explanation. Which is sad because I like that your names are meaningful and significant to our family story. 

Oh, well. There are worse things than being a little different. I say, just win 'em over with those big smiles of yours.

Jasie, you've been babbling, cooing and giggling this month. You started doing it first and we were all worried about Jorie. But the next week, Jorie woke us up with some crazy yodeling, so we stopped worrying and put a pillow over our heads to try and sleep a little longer.

You are both beginning to exhibit your individual personalities.

Jasie, you are sensitive and relational. You love to be held and cuddled. You prefer breastfeeding to the bottle. You are content to watch your surroundings quietly, or to sit in my lap. You get anxious when anyone besides Mommy holds you.

Jorie, you are passionate. You have a great, big smile for everyone. And you have definite opinions about what you don't like. You like toys--the more the better. You like music and noise, hustle and bustle. You get irritated with breastfeeding and much prefer the bottle.

You've been co-bedding up until last week. Jasie started rolling over and Jorie didn't like being squashed, so we set up the pack n' play next to the regular crib.

I still don't get much done during the day. But that's OK. Time is going so fast that all I want to do is experience each tiny moment with you. Let the dishes wash themselves! I've got baby cheeks to kiss and baby feet to tickle!