To Love, Honor and Wear the UCLA Shirt

This is how my husband chooses fashion:

him: "I bought you this shirt."

me: "Ok. Huh."

him: "I think you'll look cute in it."

me: "But I didn't go to UCLA."

him: "I know. Still. You'll look cute."

me: "Why UCLA? Why not USC?"

him: "They were both on sale at Costco. But UCLA was right next to my hand."

And a day later...

him: "You look nice."

me: "I didn't have anything else to wear."

him: "I knew you'd like it."

me: "I didn't say I liked it. And two people asked if I went to UCLA."

him: "What did you say?"

me: "I said no. But it's where we want our kids to go."

him: "Sweet. Ha. Ha. Ha."

I'm thinking of buying him that USC shirt. I think he'll look cute in it.