Blog Break.

I'm taking a week-long blog break. In fact, I'm taking a week-long computer break. Call it a technology fast. We've had some major changes in the past 6 months: birth of twins, selling our house, buying a new one. The stress is catching up to me. I need to bury my nose in a book, run on the sand, feel the sun on my shoulders, eat lots of veggies. I know how to make myself better. I just need to go do it. Will you be here when I return? I hope so. I will miss you. Until then, here's a piece of the prayer I'm praying ( said to be a favorite of Mother Teresa) :

"Dear Jesus, Help me spread Your fragrance wherever I go. Flood my soul with Your Spirit and Life. Penetrate and possess my being so utterly that my life may only be a radiance of Yours."

---Radiating Christ; by Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman.