Friday Gratitude List


1. For my sister and her children--James loved spending a week with them in the great city of Chicago. Here he is admiring the view atop The Hancock Building with one of his cousins.

2. For James returning home safely.

3. For new books to read and new thoughts to think.

4. For this quote from "Abide in Christ" by Andrew Murray:

“Abiding in Christ is not the doing of some great thing, and does not demand that we first live a very holy and devoted life. No, it is simply weakness entrusting itself to a Mighty One to be kept,--the unfaithful one casting self on One who is altogether trustworthy and true. Abiding in Him is not a work that we have to do as the condition for enjoying His salvation…our part is simply to yield, to trust and to wait for what He has engaged to perform.”

5. For Jewel who loves Silly Songs with Larry, especially "Oh, Where Is My Hairbrush?" Oh wheeeerrre is my hairbrush, oh where, oh where.....?

Have a beautiful, lovely, restful, blessed, happy, joyous, summery, sunshiney weekend!